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Stillman at Glen Ord Distillery north of Inverness.

Scotch whisky - uisge beatha - 'water of life.' A truly unique spirit, but with many forms. Subtle and yet immensely complex. Taken in moderation and (for me) with just a touch of water, it’s almost sensual.

I’ve been privileged to have been asked to photograph in many whisky distilleries all over Scotland, meeting the craftsmen involved and witnessing at first hand the process of transforming soft Scottish water and malted barley into one of the worlds most heart-warming drinks.
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Filling a washback at Dailuaine Distillery.


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Stillroom at Glendullan, Speyside.

The heady and powerful smell of yeast and alcohol in the tun room where fermentation takes place. High working temperatures in the still room during distillation, contrasting sharply with the coolness, tranquillity and astonishingly pervasive aroma inside the dark bonded warehouses. Here, it's said, is where the angels get their share while the spirit rests and matures in oak casks for many years. Before finally being bottled and enjoyed around the world.

Slainte. Cheers, enjoy.

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Enjoying the end product.

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  Soft Scottish water 


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  Lagavulin Distillery, Isle of Islay 

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